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23.07 2015

InterCom Learning Management

The InterCom Learning Management platform will spread knowledge to participating clusters and
wider audiences

One of the key components of delivering training contents to cluster managers in Poland and Lithuania - the Learning Management Platform (LMP) is due to enter the testing phase in August 2015. The platform is meant to serve in the future as a hub of sharing specific, cluster relevant knowledge, accumulated during the course of the project and to provide consultancy services after the project is finished at the end of 2015.

The functional core of the LMP is effectively distributing knowledge through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s), purpose built diagnostic tools and tests, as well as to support self-sustaining learning with case studies and other learning materials. The system will provide access to individual, independent content providers submitting training material. The platform will be accessible to logged in users free of charge, which will allow tracking their individual progress and performance, provide individualized and tailored services.

The initial stage of development the LMP will allow access to training materials prepared in the course of the project, converted to the form MOOC’s and specifically expanded to better suite selfsustained learning. Registered users will not only have access to the updated materials but will also have opportunity discussing them in the instructor moderated discussions between each other, as well as directly approaching the project experts using built in communication tools. 

The system will be gradually introduced with other functionality and contents, while the open architecture of the system is purpose selected to be extended with intelligent functions of Skills and Competencies assessment and Individual Development management.