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20.10 2014

Training in Lithuania

14-17.10 training in Lithuenia

On 14-17.10.2014 in the project was organized study visit to Lithuania. In workshops attended 23 representatives of companies, clusters, business institutions and research units. The program included two days workshop based on the theme: Internationalization, E-Marketing, Matrix logical framwork and Negotiation. During the meetings, participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and cooperation. We encourage you take a look on the training materials and profiles of the participants.

Polish clusters:

  1. Poznański Klaster Edukacyjny
  2. Wielkopolski Klaster <MEBEL DESIGN>
  3. Klaster Przetwórców Szkła Budowlanego
  4. Metal Klaster
  5. Lubuski Klaster Metalowy
  6. SpeedUp Iqbator Sp. z o.o.

Lithuanian clusters:

  1. Anyksciai tourism cluster
  2. Bio-Power Plant Development Cluster and FORIS consulta
  3. Kaunas Airport
  4. Technopolis
  5. Food (Fruit and Vegetable) Cluster
  6. IVita Cluster

Training materials:


Cluster Internationalisation

Online Marketing